All About Live Roulette

One of the most magnificent entertainment options available at Ireland’s best recommended online casinos, live Roulette captures the spirit of the iconic game in its traditional setting. Of course, this means the classic bets, the unrepeatable action of the red and black wheel, and the distinctive atmosphere created by a professional dealer.

It is the game as known, loved, and played around the world; the only difference being that the dealer, table, and equipment are in a studio, and the players are joining in and betting via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Classic Variations and More

Whereas most land-based venues have a very limited number of tables, the top Irish casinos online ensure there is no shortage of live Roulette options for players. They include not only the 3 variations that have stood the test of time, but exciting new ones as well.

The 2 oldest forms of the game are the European and French ones, which are perhaps best-known for being the kindest to players. This is because the wheel used in each has a single 0, which means they have a house edge of a mere 2.70%.

The next version to be created was the American one, which uses a wheel with 0 and 00 pockets to give it a 5.26% house edge. Cutting edge software providers such as Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, and NetEnt offer these, as well as others. Evolution Gaming in particular is famous for bringing a huge amount of innovation to the table. Its offerings also include Immersive, Double Ball, Slingshot Auto, Lightning, Mini, and Speed editions.

How to Play

Playing live Roulette online is almost identical to playing the incredible digital versions created by Microgaming, NetEnt and other providers, or playing it in one of Ireland’s top gambling destinations. Basically, players need to guess which of the wheel-pockets the ball will land in, and then place a bet.

This is done by selecting one of the betting options displayed on the software interface. When all bets are in, the dealer starts spinning the wheel, and drops a single ball into it. The result is announced when everything has come to a rest.

Thrilling Betting Options

Most live casino games offer players a number of different betting options. Live Roulette is no different.

The variations based on European or American rules usually offer outside and inside bets only, but some may also include a few of the additional call bets found in the French version. The outside options are recommended for beginners and casual players, as they have almost equal chances of winning or losing. Inside bets generally focus on a single number, although they can be placed in ways that covers several numbers. The call options available in some editions cover areas or sections of the wheel, or they are based on pockets close to the 0 pocket.

Sociable Gaming Entertainment

Irish players who have played at the tables in brick-and-mortar venues know how sociable it can be. Thankfully, there is no need to miss out on that when playing live Roulette online.

The best providers in the industry have included chat features that do more than connect players to dealers. They also connect players with one another, and make it possible to chat, swap hints and tips, and have an altogether grand time.

Top-Quality Gambling Assured

The brands and providers of Ireland’s finest live casino games ensure players get what they expect – premium action and entertainment, as well as gambling they can trust. Apart from using custom-made equipment to produce fair results, they also use award-winning software, cameras, and other technology, to provide flawless functionality and user-friendliness. Feel the rush of live Roulette at the sites we recommend.

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