In-Play Online Sports Betting

We have found all the top online sports betting sites in Ireland for you, and you will love the markets and odds that they offer. Some of the most exciting are In-Play, or Live, wagers. This means that you place your bets as an event happens, in real time.

Online Betting Odds That Fluctuate

If you’ve spend any time wagering on games and races, you know that the odds of any outcome can change in a moment. Imagine if the star athlete in a Football team is injured, or the starting line-up is changed!

With In-Play bets, you can adjust your predictions according to what happens on the field That means if the team you backed is winning, you can increase your stake to get a bigger payout. If they are not doing well, you can minimise your own losses.

With Live online sports betting, the action is streamed to your sportsbook of choice, via high-quality video feed. You can put your money down at the beginning of the event, and make modifications at set points such as half-time.

Available In-Play Markets

Theoretically, you can place both Live and pre-game wagers on any match or race. However, you might have to look around to find opportunities on the sports that you are interested in. Most commonly, In-Play stakes can be made on Tennis, Basketball and Football.

You can put money on who will win, what the total score will be, and other typical options. Often, you can also try to predict specific events such as who will score next, who will get booked next, or what time the next goal is going to be.

Strategy Advice

You will have a better sense of what is happening in a game with In-Play than with pre-game online betting. To make up for this advantage, the odds are often steeper. However, you can still win some very lucrative payouts, especially if you wager at the sites we recommend, and follow our strategy tips.

Just as with pre-game online sports betting, you need to do as much research as possible. You need to know how to react to what happens on the field, so you must understand the athletes. Managing your bankroll well is also crucial. We recommend staking about half of your budget at the start of play. This gives you a reference point so you can evaluate how teammates are actually performing. You’ll also have enough money to deal with your losses or capitalise on your wins.

Finding contenders that do better towards the end of a match or contest is also crucial to success. For instance, a Tennis star might only start to really shine towards the end of the third set. You can start off with a small amount, and then increase it if they improve the way you are expecting them to. If they are having a bad day, you can keep your stake low to minimise your losses.

Great In-Play Online Sports Betting

As you spend more time studying and reacting to real-time events, your insights will develop. You will understand more about the wagers and the different athletic disciplines. Not only will you enjoy watching them more, you will also win bigger payouts.

Choose to open an account at one of the bookmakers that we recommend to find the most diverse markets, competitive odds and timeous payouts. With the generous Welcome Bonuses that they offer, you will be able to win even more. Be realistic, never put down any money you can’t afford to lose, and you should have a fantastic time at the best online sports betting sites in Ireland!

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