The Advantages of Virtual Sports Betting

Irish gamblers are no strangers to online sports betting. Whether it is Football, Rugby or Formula 1, local enthusiasts will take a punt on anything with decent odds and a bit of action. To keep punters happy and to extend the available markets, online bookmakers have turned to virtual sports. This dynamic new way of sports betting is great fun and easy to understand, and adds something new to the mix.

How Virtual Sports Work

Virtual sports are digital re-enactments of popular games and races. Using the latest digital technology and random number generator algorithms, the virtual games are designed to look and feel like the real thing. If you want to know where to place bets online, simply visit your favourite bookmaker and head to the relevant section.

Bookmakers use these virtual options to increase the number of markets available on any given day. Instead of waiting for an upcoming Football game or Horse Race, virtual matches can be screened five to ten times a day, with dozens of markets on every match.

How the Odds and Markets Work

Betting on virtual sports is no different to regular sports betting. The type of match or race determines the available markets. For example, a virtual Football match will have markets like first team to score, over under, half time betting, total number of goals and match winner. A virtual horse race might have markets such as race winner, placing bets and each way betting.

When putting money down, attention should be paid to the odds. With regular matches, the odds are calculated by assessing the strength of the team and previous results. With virtual sports, random number generators determine the results. This makes a game difficult to predict and the odds a lot closer for each team. Bookmakers do however provide previous virtual game results, which you can use to create your sports betting strategy.

The Best Virtual Sports to Bet On

Once you have determined where to place bets online, you can start getting into virtual sports. If you are just starting out, the best options to bet on are those you are most interested in. If you love Football, Rugby, Cricket or Horse Racing, start with these and then work your way through the more exotic options such as American Football or Ice Hockey. Stick to the basic markets at first, such as outright winner, race winner or over under bets. The odds will be reasonable and yield a small profit if your wager is successful.

After a few wagers, you will have a good idea of how the system works. Once your bet is placed, you can sit back and watch the action unfold in a digital screening of the game. Some sportsbooks online also offer live betting action on the games as they are screened.

Tricks to Keep your Bankroll in Check

As with regular sports betting it is important to keep your bankroll in check when you bet on virtual events. A good tip is to split your bankroll into weekly amounts to ensure you have enough to get you through the month without overspending. You can also go one step further and break down your bankroll into daily amounts with limits for every wager you place.

If you are successful, your winnings can be fed back into your monthly bankroll and redistributed accordingly. It is important not to over-bet on virtual games, as there will also be more games the following day and more races to wager on, so pace yourself accordingly.

If you’re wondering where to where to place bets online and get involved in this type of wagering, check out our top rated sportsbooks now.

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