Online Gambling FAQ

Do you have a question regarding your sports betting or casino gameplay? Whatever it is, you will generally be able to get it answered at the FAQ section here.

What Kind of Gambling is Available Online?

The types of games and bets you can enjoy will depend on the site, or sites, you have chosen to make use of. Irish players and punters can enjoy sportsbooks, poker rooms, casino games, and more.

How Do I Know the Results are Fair?

Reputable operators undergo a formal licensing and certification process. These are in place to ensure fair outcomes for gameplay and bets.

How Do I Know I’m is Safe?

You should be aware of two things when you gamble online, and both concern transparency. You need to be able to quickly identify who owns the site, and who oversees the licensing and regulation.

If you can't see this info easily, we advise you to steer clear of the site in question. The easiest route to total protection is our ratings and online casino reviews. We put bookmakers and casinos through a comprehensive set of tests, and only recommend those who make the grade.

Any Tips for Selecting a Quality Site?

The process begins with reputable licensing and registration. Once that has been established, you need to look at whether the bookmaker or casino has what you're looking for. Check the games, markets, banking options, and promotions. Again, our Reviews will narrow down the choices and help you find your fit.

Can I Register with Multiple Sites?

Yes! You can make use of as many providers you want to.

How Do I Get Started?

If you're interested in real money gameplay, most places will allow you to enjoy the titles they provide in Free Mode. This allows you to find your feet, and gain a level of confidence before you begin betting. Casino Guides, like those we have here, are helpful for beginners as well.

If you're trying your hand at sports betting, keep it simple. And check out the articles and Guides we provide here, too, as they will explain a lot. The 24-hour Customer Service provided will also be able to help you if necessary.

Why Do I Need to Divulge Personal Information?

Online gambling operators need information from you as per their licensing requirements. They need to make sure that you are of legal age, and reside in a jurisdiction they service. It's also to protect you. Your personal information needs to match up to what they've got so that they can make sure the right person is getting the winnings you withdraw!

What Happens If My Internet Connection Gets Lost?

If your connection drops while you're playing, or betting on a Sports Event, don't worry. The software is able to pick things up when you get reconnected. You will be taken back to the point you were at when things went awry.

What Are Loyalty Clubs and Programmes?

Loyalty Clubs and Programmes, or VIP access, offer you rewards for signing up, returning, and betting or playing. Each bet you make is worth a certain amount of points, and you can exchange these for various things when you have earned enough of them.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

A Welcome, or Sign Up, Bonus, is extra money that you can add to your account after registering. Bookmakers and casinos make use of these to attract new customers, and they offer excellent value.

How do I Fund My Account?

The most popular ways to make money available in your online account include:

Browse for more information on which to use when!

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