Playthrough Requirements With Top Online Casino Bonuses

At any site claiming to be a top online casino, bonuses will be offered to players. These dazzling promotions are intended to reward new and existing members for choosing to register at a specific casino, and to continue to play there on an on going basis.

The top online casino bonuses are always worthwhile as they allow you to play for longer and to bet more. However, they usually come with terms and conditions attached to them and it’s important to check what these are before you opt in. In particular, you need to know what the bonus playthrough requirements are, and our casino guide is here to help!

The Basics Explained

Also known as wagering requirements, playthroughs specify how many times you need to wager a set amount before you are allowed to request a withdrawal. This set amount is sometimes only the bonus funds, and sometimes also includes your initial deposit too.

In other words, if you deposit €100 and get a 100% bonus, you’ll have €200 to play with. If the wagering requirements are 30x your extra funds, you’ll need to bet 30 x €100, which is €3000. If they are 30x your bonus plus your deposit, you’ll have to wager €6000.

Sometimes you are allowed to make withdrawals before you’ve met the target, such as drawing €10 after betting €300. In other cases, you can only access the money after finishing the playthrough.

Pros and Cons

In all our casino guides we try to give overviews that are as balanced as possible. With that in mind, we wanted to make sure we looked at both the advantages and the disadvantages of wagering requirements.

These terms and conditions were developed because people were abusing top online casino bonuses, and operators’ generosity. With the requirements in place, it’s not possible to sign up, withdraw the promotional funds and then leave without placing any bets. Sites generate profits as they are supposed to, allowing them to make proper payouts to winners and to regulate their operations well, so casino customers and businesses benefit.

On the other hand, the stipulations can be very stiff, making it difficult to ever be able to request respectably sized withdrawals. You are also permitted to bet different percentages of the total wagering requirements on different games, and you might have to fulfil them within very specific timeframes. Luckily, if you choose where to play based on the recommendations in our casino guides, you can expect the terms and conditions to be fair.

Can I Avoid Playthrough Requirements?

In the case of many top online casino bonuses, it is possible to avoid having to complete the wagering requirements. To do this, you simply need to unsubscribe from receiving any promotions on your account. You might need to let the Customer Service Department know that you want to do this, or you might be able to change the setting yourself in your account.

Games to Reach Your Playthrough

If you do want to use bonus offers and are happy to comply with playthrough requirements, the best games to help you do so are slots as they usually allow you to wager the largest playthrough amount with each bet. Scratchcards and other instant-play options are also often helpful, while table games tend to offer lower percentages on each round.

By stipulating requirements casino operators are protected, but they won’t damage the benefits of a fair deal. To enjoy top online casino bonuses to the full, you just need to know about the playthroughs and other terms and conditions before you agree to them. That way, you know exactly what to expect, including when you’ll be able to make your withdrawal, so you can manage your bankroll better and enjoy yourself more.

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