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For many Irish casino and sports enthusiasts, betting online is far easier, faster and more convenient than visiting your local bookie. Similarly, playing casino games online is far more convenient than visiting a land-based establishment. But for anyone just starting out, it can be difficult navigating the waters of Internet gambling.

Before you get to the point of actually placing a wager or spinning the reels, there is a lot to consider and understand about the industry. It is for this reason that we created a place where gamblers can get all the information they need to successfully enjoy their online experience.

What We Do

Anything you need to know about online sports bets or online gaming, we have the information right here. Everything from how to get started, to picking the perfect site, to sign up, betting strategies to managing your bankroll and everything in between.

Perhaps the most important part of the entire process is choosing a bookmaker or online casino to sign up with. This is why a lot of what we do is focused on reviews and finding the best sites so that you don’t have to do the research yourself.

Sports and Casino Reviews

Reviews play an important role in the industry as it gives players/punters a good idea of what a site has to offer. With sports, reviews tell you what type of sports and markets are available, how the odds compare and what type of free bets you can expect to get when you sign up.

With online casino reviews, you can find out what software is powering the site, where it is licenced, what type of games are on offer, if they have mobile support and what banking facilities are available. We also cover the different bonuses on offer and the overall accessibility of the site.

Listing the Best Sites

Having been in the industry for some time, our team of experts use their knowledge to create the ultimate list of sports or gaming sites for Irish gamblers. Instead of blindly stumbling your way through the Internet looking for the best site to sign up with, we have done the hard work for you.

We understand exactly what Irish gamblers need and want.

Whether it is the best bonuses, mobile accessibility or 24hour customer support, we took everything into consideration before coming up with our list of recommended sites. Only the best sports and gambling sites are listed on our pages. These are sites that are fully licenced and legal, have a long-established reputation in the industry, provide the widest range of sports or games and reward players and bettors for their patronage.

Additional Information

While review and site listings are our core focus, we are also here to give you the information you need to become successful with sports betting or a proficient player. Starting from the basics, we take you through exactly how to sign up, what to look for in a casino or sports book and exactly how free bets and bonuses work.

With sports, we look at the importance of betting on sports you know the most about, why choosing the right market makes all the difference and what is meant by value odds. With gaming, we look at the difference between video slots and classic slots and why live dealer games are vastly different to their electronic counterparts. We also look at Video Poker, Scratch cards and micro-bet games and how they are different from regular electronic games.

For both sports and casino gaming, having a dedicated bankroll is important as is having a definite strategy for winning or managing your funds. Here, you can find loads of information on sports strategies and how they can improve your win to loss ratio. Similarly, for gaming, some games are random while others like Blackjack can benefit from a practical strategy.

At Online-casinos.ie we want you to enjoy the best in gambling and betting online, and we’re thrilled you’ve chosen us to help you on your way!

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