Evoplay Launches VR-Enabled Sprinkle Slot

Kelly Walsh - 17 May 2019

Evoplay Launches VR-Enabled Sprinkle SlotThanks to its new Sprinkle slot, Evoplay Entertainment is offering players a peep through the looking glass and into what the future of gaming is very likely to look like. The new release combines 3D graphics with Virtual Reality tech and the result is a slot with a completely new and usual look and feel, and incidentally also one that has brought the prestigious Spinnovator of the Year award home to Evoplay.

The award was given to the developer during this year’s Spinnovator Summit in Prague. The unique approach applied in Sprinkle is, according to Evoplay, the result of its having looked for trendy new ways to cater for a new generation of players.

The Best Of Virtual Reality

Sprinkle moves completely away from the traditional reel-format, which is something that has become a type of typical standard for online casino games. Instead of symbols lining up on reels, they are positioned on what appears to be a “flat” surface. The symbols have a definite psychedelic appeal, being made up of a family of very colourful mushrooms. The mushrooms pop up on the surface, thereby forming a 3x5 grid.

Mobile-first, says the developer, was the focus right from the beginning and game’s mechanics were designed with the mobile player in mind. VR capabilities have been incorporated in the functionality, which opens up a whole new world of in-person engagement. The game in effect becomes an extension of the player, allowing the player to become fully immersed in the world of the slot itself.

Creating A New Breed Of Slots

The slot may not be a poster-child for any new typical in-game features, but according to Evoplay CEO Alexander Levchenko, Sprinkle is only the beginning of an entirely new breed of games intent on catering to the diverse and evolved needs of a new generation of players.

Sprinkle is visually stimulating and the focus is entirely on the player experience and the actual interaction with the slot, being much more of a personal interaction than what is generally possible. This is obviously made possible by the developer’s unique application of VR technology with the design of the platform and interface.

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