EGBA Redefines Its Casino Advertising Code

Kelly Walsh - 27 May 2020

egbaEU-focused advertising compliance watchdog the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) has described the European Gaming and Betting Association’s (EGBA) new Gambling Advertising Code of Conduct as a landmark development when it comes to regulation and responsible advertising practices and compliance for casinos. The new code has a distinct focus on advertising to children, especially on social media platforms, but moreover also represents the very first pan-European code ever applicable cross-jurisdictions.

What a uniform pan-European Code of Conduct; and indeed the approach as a whole’ hopes to achieve, is the establishment of a coded method for creating an application of jurisdictional modification and adaptability across multiple jurisdictions. A multi-jurisdictional code has significant implications for the large-scale implementation of uniform casino regulations across the continent.

Code Hailed A Detailed Approach

The “Code of Conduct on Responsible Advertising for Online Gambling” will specifically focus on advertising of casino games and products on social media, and from the original marker and point of view that children are exposed to a melee of adult elements that should instead be accessible by major persons only.

Within the core of the EGBA’s mandate to strengthen and fine-tune all existing legal and self-regulation frameworks for online advertising standards all across Europe, exists a focus on a much greater and far-reaching mission, which is that of the promotion of safe gambling practices across the board.

What the EGBA hopes to achieve by implementing the new Code of Conduct is a new awareness of all the various elements that ultimately make up an all-round more responsible understanding of online gambling in general, and with a specific focus on the fact that people are now mostly at home and in some cases, working remotely too. 

Moving Away From Black Market

EGBA secretary Martin Haijer has expressed his heartfelt approval of a commitment to responsible casino advertising, as displayed by official EGBA-members.

Haijer’s approach is launched from the point of view that advertising is absolutely essential when it comes down to informing consumers of the availability of websites that are regulated, and by doing it all in such away that mass-migration can be seen away from illegal black-market websites and operators.

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