Maxim Entering Online Casino Ireland Industry

Kelly Walsh - 12 Apr 2021

Maxim Entering Online Casino Ireland IndustryMaxim Magazine is known as the globally popular United Kingdom based men’s magazine, but is now officially moving into online gaming, including the online casino Ireland industry. According to a recent report, Maxim will now launch its own sports betting and casino online brand MaximBet. is set to be a mobile app, available on both Android and iOS. It will be made available across the world, including in the online casino Ireland industry. Naturally, hopes are that it will be the best online casino, but that remains to be seen. After release, a casino review will certainly shed light on just how good the software is.

Massive Partnership

Looking more closely behind the scenes, it seems that it was an enormous partnership that brought MaximBet to life. xSigma Entertainment Limited agreed to a two round investment strategy with Carousel Group, totalling $50 million. The first round of investment into Carousel Group, which has already closed, totalled $15 million, and purchased the Group a 12% stake.

The second round, which is slated to conclude in the second quarter of the year, will see an additional $35 million invested, and a further 13% stake bought. This will result in a 25% total interest in MaximBet, and total a $50 million investment. With that much money having gone into the project, no doubt the new app will make a splash in the online casino Ireland industry.

But it will take more than money to make MaximBet the best online casino, especially given the incredible levels of competition currently seen.

More About Carousel Group

Carousel Group was originally established in 2017, intended as an iGaming focused initiative. After having made an original splash in the iGaming world, including in online casinos Ireland, the Group stated their intention of further increasing a global footprint. The expansion would include, as stated by a company spokesperson, a new brand, and a focus on iOS and Android apps. Thus the MaximBet brand was born.

It seems like there is certainly plenty of potential for the new brand to find success, but iGaming is quickly becoming a very crowded market. However, the intention of the brand is to provide only the most cutting edge sports betting and online casino software, aimed squarely at the same demographic that Maxim Magazine has already captured. Hence, hopes are high that this is a match made in heaven.

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