4 Years Of Online Casino Growth For KamaGames

Kelly Walsh - 02 Mar 2020

kama gamesThe last four years have been good for Irish-based online casino content developers KamaGames. Their full financial report for 2019 has just been released, and it showed some pleasing results. The company has proudly shown growth for four consecutive years, with 2019 being the strongest yet. They have also enjoyed setting and breaking regular records for revenue month after month, with December 2019 being the best of the lot. Although, the company did start 2020 strongly by beating that revenue figure immediately in January.

KamaGames registered 90.4 million Dollars in revenue for the year of 2019. This was a growth of 18.3 percent from 76.4 million Dollars in 2018. The company was quick and proud to point out that the average growth for the overall market was 8.1 percent, making them far ahead of the curve. This incredible growth can be attributed to the five-year plan that the online casino company outlined for itself back in 2014. The chief executive officer for the company, Andrey Kuznetsov, commented that they have achieved the goals they set out in that plan.

Increased Focus On Development

One of the biggest changes that KamaGames put into place to achieve this growth was a strong focus on development spend. They split this into two streams – improving their core online casino products that already had a fanbase and increasing the amount of content in their portfolios. They now sit with one of the most extensive libraries of mobile games. The company is also proud of the focus they have put into boosting the player experience and increasing player retention through their improvements of their core products.

The company has also been looking at increasing and improving their social engagement in order to boost their player loyalty. Another area of development was ensuring that their online casino games felt natural to the catalogue, like they fit with one another. This allows players to move from game to game, encouraging them to try new ones and make it easy to find their favourites.

Looking Forward To 2020 And Beyond

The year ahead should continue this forward momentum. Kuznetsov seemed confident that the elements they have put in place, coupled with their plans for 2020 should yield positive results. KamaGames will be looking to sign new strategic deals in the online casino industry, with Kuznetsov mentioning an agreement with a well-known US brand being on the cards for the near future. There is also a healthy list of new content being developed and should be released throughout the year.

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