Ireland Looks To Ban Bookie-Run Lotto Games

Kelly Walsh - 15 Jul 2019

Ireland Looks To Ban Bookie-Run Lotto GamesIreland’s National Lottery has called on the country’s lawmakers to call a halt on bookies offering and wanting to offer what is commonly referred to as “Lottery-style games”. Many local charities rely heavily on the funds received from the country’s National Lottery board and if bookmakers were to continue to be permitted to offer games that closely resemble typical Lottery games, these organisations will have to bear the brunt of the decline in charitable donations.

As it stands at the moment, Lottery administrators estimate that at least €110 million that could have gone the way of various good causes are instead being funnelled elsewhere thanks to bookmakers being permitted to offer Lottery-style games. And, say those in the know, its only bound to get worse from here on out.

Stealing From Those In Need

The situation has become a major concern for various persons involved and to such an extent that a formal amendment to the country’s neew Gaming and Lotteries Bill  is now being proposed. Not to even mention the fact that bookie-style betting on Lottery games is illegal in most of Europe. Pro-advocates pushing for a situation of each operator sticking to its own field hope that amending the official bill will at least bring about improvements, if not eradicate the problem in its entirety.

The National Lottery estimates that currently, in excess of €400 million is being spent on Lottery-style games outside of the actual Lottery classification. What this means for charities is that those working hard in favour of the good of others are currently being swindled out of at least €110 million; money that could otherwise have been put to use for the benefit of various good causes.

Bookmakers Call Foul Play

Ireland relies heavily on the charitable funds generated by its National Lottery and it makes no sense whatsoever that bookies be allowed to tap into the flow of income already dedicated towards those citizens who really need the help. Current beneficiaries relying heavily on Lottery funding include churches, sports clubs, voluntary aid organisations, charitable special care institutions, and many more.

But Irish bookmakers beg to differ. According to the opinion held by the Irish Bookmakers’ Association, the amendment to the Bill will only cause the National Lottery to enjoy even more of a monopoly than what is currently the case.

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