Gordon Ramsay To Release Branded Casino Games

Kelly Walsh - 09 Jan 2020

gordon ramsayNothing has been officially announced yet, but celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has made some interesting moves that could see him entering the casino games industry. The Sun has reported an application has been made in the UK regarding the trademark over Hell’s Kitchen and Ramsay’s own television persona.

The world knows the chef for his on-screen outbursts on the TV programme that include an array of swear words, which are often followed by the dramatic throwing away of food. It’s a brand that Ramsay has built over the years and he has become internationally famous for it. The Sun’s report stated that it is this brand that Ramsay could be turning into both land-based and online casino and lottery games.

Application For Trademark Is In

The well-known TV personality recently applied to the UK Intellectual Property Office regarding the Hell’s Kitchen programme and the trademark relating to it. In this application, he detailed the potential gambling offerings that his people are or could be creating – full details are not available to the public as yet. What is known is that the casino games will be based on the TV programme and there will be a variety of different offerings made.

Talk is around a range of casino games that include traditional slots, computer games and lottery services. It seems likely that these games will launch at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada seeing as though Ramsay already has the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant operating in the hotel. However, neither Ramsay nor a spokesperson has made any official comment on these plans.

A Celebrity Trend

It’s no surprise that a celebrity such as Gordon Ramsay is turning to casino games as a new revenue stream. His brand and persona have gone far beyond just being a chef – although he is very good at that too with seven Michelin stars being held across his group of restaurants around the world.

However, he is not the first celebrity to make this move. Las Vegas is synonymous with the name Frank Sinatra, who performed in many of the big hotels, casinos and arenas in the city. Sinatra also became a spokesperson of sorts for the industry in Nevada. Michael Jackson is another big name that has long been associated with the industry in the USA. Another famous name that is known to be part of the gambling industry in a formal capacity is that of jockey Frankie Dettori, so Gordon will be in good company should he go ahead with his plans.

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