Study Highlights How The Irish Are Embracing Digital Payments For Online Casinos And More

Kelly Walsh - 08 Apr 2021

Cashless Future For Online Casino IrelandIt seems that the days of paying with notes and coins truly are coming to an end. According to a recent study by Mastercard, Latin America and the Asian Pacific are leading the way, with many having confirmed that they would rather pay via cashless methods. Additionally, contactless payments are also on the rise, with Europe being the centre of this transition. Ireland is likewise making the shift, with online casinos Ireland playing a major part in the movement.

Focusing on Ireland, a report was released by KBC Bank, with the research having focused squarely on digital services and technology. Not surprisingly, the report revealed that the Irish are not far behind other parts of the world. The research found that 74% are now officially using cashless methods for every day purchases, including online casinos Ireland.

More revealing still is that 44% of those asked said that they felt digital payment methods would replace cash entirely by 2025.

Millennials Leading The Way

Looking at the report by demographic, it was revealed that, unsurprisingly, it was Irish millennials that truly embraced the digital future. Millennials were found to be the biggest group by far to work almost entirely via digital payments. 85% of millennials also confirmed that they felt entirely confident when paying digitally, including at online casinos Ireland.

Of course, local industry has also been adjusting to move with the times. The widely trusted Apple Pay is now available at numerous stores, including KFC, Subway, and Lego. The best online casinos have also adopted the payment method, as well as trustworthy alternatives such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal. Plus, given how secure the best online casinos are known to be locally, the sites have likely helped build confidence as far as online transactions in general are concerned.

A casino review will indicate what transaction methods online casinos Ireland accept, and the sites themselves always indicate banking methods on their Cashier or Banking pages.

The Future

From a casino online to a local Subway, it seems that the country is firmly on track to do away with physical money entirely. Although some may say that 2025 is too early for a full transition, it seems all but certain that the days of coins and notes are limited. After all, an online casino Ireland is one thing, but the local grocery store something else entirely.

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