Online Casino Slot Tournaments

In Ireland and all over the world, online casino slot tournaments are becoming more and more popular. Designed to give players a socially interactive experience with a competitive edge, slots tournaments can be both fun and rewarding if you are lucky enough to land a big win. All top-rated sites will offer these competitions, whether they are free-to-play or larger scheduled events where you stand to win thousands of Euros if you make it to the top of the leaderboard.

What are Online Slots Tournaments?

Most players are familiar with Poker or Blackjack tournaments where the top players go head to head to try and win the top prize. Online slots tournaments follow a similar concept, except that you can win big just by playing your favourite online slots. The basic concept is quite simple. Generally, an online casino will arrange a date and time when all competing players can log on or they may have a Sit n Go running where you can join in at any time, when there are enough players the action kicks off.

Every player accesses the same game and receives the same number of virtual credits at the start. After a specified period of time (usually one hour), the player with the most credits wins. He or she is then paid out a set amount or the collective buy-in pot minus the administration fee. The winnings are paid directly into your player account.


If it is your first time taking part at an online casino, the best option is to play free-rolls. As the name suggests, these are free events that are hosted as a type of promotional event. While registration may be required, you don’t have to pay any fee to take part. They payouts are usually a lot lower than the buy-in online casino slot tournaments, but since it is free to play, this is a great place to learn the ropes. If you find reasonable success, you can progress to Sit & Go or Scheduled buy in events.


Buy-ins are the most popular as the prize money often runs into thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Euros. These are events where you pay an entrance fee to join and are scheduled weeks or months ahead of time. There are two main types of events. The first is the set payout competition where the casino puts up a set winning amount. The second is a pot-style event where all the buy-in fees go into a central pot and the winners are paid out from the pot. The more players that join in, the larger the payouts. These online casino slot tournaments usually attract the best players as the prize money is worth the time and effort.


Another popular type of competition is the knockout. With the above events, all players are given the full time allowance to win as many coins as they can. It may be that in the last minute, you manage to line up the right symbols and pull in a big win. With knockouts, the event is broken down into smaller time chunks. After every few minutes, the players with the least credits are eliminated. Eventually, there are only a handful of players left to compete for the grand prize.

Implementing Smart Strategies

When competing in online casino slot tournaments, your playing strategy should be based on the type that you have entered. With knockout online slots competitions it is best quickly spend your credits to try and climb the ladder before you are eliminated. If you have the full allotted time in Buy Ins or Freerolls, you can stretch out your spending to ensure that you get the best chance of pulling in a big win.

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