Jumanji: Among the Top Online Casino Games

We’re always looking to review exciting online casino games for you at Online Casinos Ireland, and Jumanji definitely fits the bill. Based on the 1995 blockbuster of the same name, it blends fantasy and action together in a thrilling combination. Lose yourself in the adventure at All Irish Online Casino, but learn more with us first.

Exciting Basic Gameplay

There are 5 reels in this NetEnt Video slot, with 36 fixed paylines. The rows are variable, adding a little more interest to the gaming. You can bet from 0.10 to 200.00 on each spin, and the jackpot is 140x whatever you decide to stake. With a theoretical Return to Player Percentage of 96.33%, you could very well walk away with that!

To make sure you don’t miss any opportunities to win, NetEnt has included an AutoPlay feature for you. You can activate this to keep the reels turning automatically when you are very busy. This is perfect for busy players in Ireland, and means you’ll never have to miss out on a potential win with these online casino games.

Immersive Design

The storyline of Jumanji is beautifully honoured in the layout of the slot, with the reels encircled by the actual board game. Surrounding the tiles is a bird’s-eye view of the old house that is featured in the movie. Exotic jungle sounds fill the background, and evoke the atmosphere of the story even more.

The monkey that moves in the bottom left corner is a nod to the animals in the tale, as are the lion, rhino, pelican and crocodile that make up the higher-value icons. Like most of NetEnt’s best online casino slots, the lower-value symbols here are made up playing card values.

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Impressive Special Features

The base game in Jumanji is rewarding enough, but players in Ireland are always looking for something extra in their online casino games. NetEnt has certainly provided that here, starting with the golden Wild Symbol. This can substitute for any regular icon, to power more potential payouts.

The Sticky Vines feature is activated when you land between 2 and 9 winning combinations on a single spin. You get to spin again, but the winning icons stay in place. This continues until there are no more wins, and you are then paid out.

Players are even more rewarded with a further another 3 Special Features,  which can be randomly triggered at any time. They are Monsoon Wilds, Monkey Mayhem and Wild Stampede. In Monsoon Wilds, one or two reels are turned completely Wild. Monkey Mayhem shuffles all the symbols and reels to ensure a win, while the rhino charges across the reels in Wild Stampede. This triggers up to 9 Wild Symbols at once, making Jumanji among the most rewarding online casino games we’ve seen yet.


Scatter Symbol

The Scatter Symbol, in the form of the Jumanji board game box, is the only image that the Wild can’t replace. When 3, 4 or 5 Scatters are seen at the same time, you are taken to a side game where you get to roll a pair of dice 6, 7 or 8 times.

With every roll you get to move a token around the board, and could land one of 7 possible rewards. These include a Coin Win, Extra Rolls and Mystery Feature. You could also trigger a set of Free Spins that has the Sticky Vines, Monsoon Wilds, Monkey Mayhem or Wild Stampede features active for the entire round.

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With such rich attention to detail, Jumanji is truly rewarding and enjoyable. We strongly recommend that you try it, and the best online casino to do this at is Leo Vegas. The slogan from the movie asks if you are game. Answer yes to open up a world of thrills!

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