Easter Themed Games To Celebrate The Holiday

With Easter 2022 on the horizon, it is time for the world to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Easter is, of course, traditionally a Christian holiday, though in some parts of the world this religious connection is blurry. In Ireland many stick to the religious roots of Easter, spending the early hours of Easter morning at a church service. Many churches were even specifically designed with the day in mind, having stained glass windows positioned to catch the sunlight on this day in particular.

Thus, many Irish residents will rise early, attend a church service, then return home to enjoy a traditional meal. Although it may vary, Irish families often enjoy a meal of roast meat, potatoes, vegetables and stuffing. Following the meal Easter eggs are generally enjoyed, with children receiving a host chocolate eggs.

Interestingly, some even avoid eating chocolate and meat entirely between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. This makes the celebratory meal a particularly happy Easter.

Bonus Game – Egg Hunt

The holiday is all about friends, family, and observing tradition. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways to enjoy Easter in 2022. A number of fun games are available now, not only celebrating the holiday, but also providing hours of real money gambling entertainment. 50 Free Spins is even offering a fantastic promotional offer to enjoy these themed games to maximum potential.

Bonus Game – Egg Hunt is a truly unique and entertaining experience. Highly reminiscent of the classic gameshow Deal Or No Deal, the idea is all about banking on a lucky egg. As the game starts, the player selects an egg from a colourful grid. Beside the grid on either side values are shown, indicating what might be inside each egg. 10 eggs are then chose, with the corresponding values on either side being eliminated. But what cash amount is in the lucky chosen egg? It is a mystery.

The player will then get a call from the mysterious bunny, who will make an offer for the egg. The offer will be based on the potential value held inside, creating an interesting, entertaining game of chance. Of course, the bunny’s offer will never be more than the potential, which is exactly what makes the game as strategic as it is fun.

Egg Hunt

Eggy Easter

Eggy Easter is another fantastic game promising a happy Easter. It isn’t as elaborate as Egg Hunt, but just as spectacular to look at. It is a traditional slot based around 5 reels and 3 rows, with the outstanding feature being the chocolate egg themed symbols. The player places a bet using the controls below, then spins. If symbols match on the grid, a payout is made. Who could resist such beautiful symbols, especially when they hold the potential for real money payouts?

From gold, to red, and speckled and striped, Eggy Easter is a feast for the eyes. This is certainly the perfect game for those that are already chowing down on chocolate delights in the real world.

Eggy Easter

Crack An Egg

Crack An Egg and Egg Hunt are more or less the same, but with one major difference. In Crack An Egg the bunny is replaced by a dragon. The eggs are also no longer chocolate, but dragon eggs. The exact same rules apply, requiring that the player choose a lucky symbol, then interact with a mysterious banker. It is again a game of taking the cash, or waiting to see what is hidden in the chosen symbol.

In this case, the symbols may not look as delicious as they do in other games on this list. The symbols here glitter mysteriously, and some even have protruding horns. One seems to have a dragon already peeping out, on the verge of hatching. It stretches the Easter theme a little, but that doesn’t stop this from being a fun ride.

Crack an Egg

Jump In And Enjoy The Holiday

Easter is a time for celebration, and these are the perfect games to compliment the atmosphere. The best part is that each game comes with a 50 Free Spins promotion, meaning that plenty of entertainment can be had with little risk. Remember; these are no deposit Free Spins, meaning that they are available without a single cent being paid up front.

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