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Since they first appeared on the market at the turn of the 20th century, slots have been a fan favourite among casino players across the globe. These games have come a long way since their humble origins, moving online to become the most popular titles by far at regulated online casino sites.

Slot machines first came into the world in the late 1880s, when an inventor by the name of Charles Fey unveiled his unique gambling machine creation. Fey named his machine the Liberty Bell, and it became the first predecessor to our modern games today.

The invention spawned many similar machines throughout history, which took hold in a big way at land-based casinos in the 1950s and 60s. Today, they are just as popular as they were back then, except you have even more variety to enjoy thanks to the many expert software developers powering the modern market.

Different Types and Features

When it comes to these games, there are two main categories into which they can be split. The first is classic slots, which generally have three reels and simple bonus features, if any. They have a limited number of paylines too, and tend to offer bright and colourful symbols that are often inspired by the Liberty Bell itself.

Next up is the more modern video slot variety. These titles tend to have five or even six reels, and anywhere between 5 and 100 paylines – or even ways to win, which count all adjacent symbols as winning combinations. These titles are far more modern in general, offering fantastic graphics, animations, sound effects and storylines that bring them to life on desktops, and even mobile phones and tablets.

From there, the many subcategories on offer include Megaspin, progressive, and crossover machines. Megaspins have multiple reel sets that spin in tandem for big winning potential, while progressives offer massive cash jackpots that accumulate and grow in size the more players play them for real money within a specified network.

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Common Bonus Features

While each of these online casino games is inherently unique, there are certain bonus features that have become so popular among players that they have become a permanent fixture in the industry. Namely, these features are wilds, free spins, ‘pick me’ rounds, and scatters.

Wild symbols are special symbols that can fill in for all other base game symbols, matching wins across the paylines and helping you to win big. Scatters are similar to wilds, only they help to trigger a bonus feature like a free spins round, and may also award scatter pays when a certain number of them land in a single spin.

Free spins and ‘pick me’ rounds are the two most common slots bonus rounds. Free spins offer you a certain number of spins without having to pay a stake, while still enjoying full winning potential. Last but not least, ‘pick me’ rounds are mini-games that require you to unveil hidden objects or symbols to reveal cash prizes, multipliers, or other lucrative prizes.

Why Play Online?

The benefits of playing online are too numerous to count! Online slots at a virtual casino are infinitely more convenient than their land-based counterparts, and can be enjoyed anywhere, as long as you have a suitable device and an Internet connection. These games also tend to have a more flexible range of bet limits to suit everyone’s pockets, and can be accessed 24 hours a day without you having to wait for your favourite machine to become available.

These virtual titles also come in all shapes and sizes, as online software developers are forever coming up with exciting new themes and game mechanics to keep you immersed. Here at, we rate and review all of Ireland’s best casinos just for you, bringing you trusted iGaming sites with massive free spins bonuses and a tempting selection of titles to try.

If you are interested in stepping into this wonderful new world, choose one of our top-rated sites for an unbeatable gaming experience online! Check out our reviews, sign up and get spinning.

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