All About Blackjack

If you are looking for an online casino game that perfectly fuses luck and skill, Blackjack is the title to try. The objective of any round is simple enough: beat the dealer to a massive win by drawing a hand with a higher value than his, but without exceeding a value of 21 points in total. If you exceed 21 points, you’ll lose your bet!

Blackjack has many variations, each with its own special draw cards and unique rules. This is a title that is as easy to learn as it is to enjoy, and players around the world have been enjoying it for centuries in all of its various forms. With that said, it is said to have originated in French gaming parlours, where it was first known as Vingt-et-Un and enjoyed by the richest members of local aristocracy. That’s quite a history, and it makes the game more than deserving of its modern fame at Irish online casinos.

The Main Types and Variations

When it comes to online Blackjack, the sky is the limit in terms of the many creative variations available today. There are many different forms of the title hailing from around the world, and here at, we bring you all of the best online casinos in Ireland so that you can experience this great variety for yourself.

There are over 40 variations of this title available online. Some versions are played with a single deck of cards, two decks, four decks, or even eight decks. In some variations, the dealer will stand on a soft 17, while in others, he will take a hit. Some titles allow you to surrender, split pairs or double down, while others offer side bets like Insurance to up the ante. Some of the most popular forms to try include European, Spanish, Super Fun 21, Atlantic City, Multi-Hand or live dealer Blackjack, and they are all available at our recommended gaming sites.


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Mastering the Basics

This is one of the few casino games around that involves an element of skill, but is still extremely easy for even beginners to master. In Blackjack, all cards with numbers on them are counted at their face value, and all face cards like Kings, Queens and Jacks are worth 10 points each. An Ace can be worth either 11 points (a ‘soft’ hand) or 1 point (a ‘hard’ hand). Most variations allow you to choose which value you prefer depending on your original hand and how many points you need to win the round without going bust.

To kick off a standard game, you will place a wager and be given two cards facing up. The dealer will also receive two cards; one facing up and the other facing down. From there, if you evaluate your hand and you have a face card and an Ace, you have a natural Blackjack and have already won the round! However, if you don’t have 21 points from the get-go, then you can examine the dealer’s card and choose to stand (refuse another card), hit (take another card), or double down (double your stake and your potential payouts). You could also split a similar pair of cards, or opt for insurance should the dealer have a 21.


How to Win

Aside from revealing a natural hand, the easiest way to win in online Blackjack is to create a hand of a higher value than the dealer’s. The dealer must stand on soft 17 or higher, which means that you get a fair chance of uncovering a better result. Natural hands traditionally pay out at 3:2, while other winning hands pay out at 1:1, unless of course your chosen games offer progressive jackpots as well!

However, to enjoy the best chances of winning in this classic game, you should always choose a top-notch Irish gaming site to play at.

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